I’ve completed the power point presentation. I just need the executive summary b
I've completed the power point presentation. I just need the executive summary based off the presentation written. See PART 2 of instructions. Directions Strategic Planning Proposal Complete an analysis of your company and organize this information into a presentation. Compile all slides from your milestone assignments to create a final presentation for your stakeholders. Use resources such as the company website, which will have pertinent information including its sustainability report, and other relevant sources to help complete this presentation. Be sure to address any feedback you have received on your milestone assignments. Part 1: Presentation Your final presentation should include the following elements: Perform an internal environment analysis of your company to understand the company’s current business environment and future goals. Present the results of your analysis. Overview (slide 1): Provide a brief overview of the company's products, services, and customer base. Existing entities (slides 2–3): Identify at least two existing partnerships, mergers, or acquisitions. Explain how these entities contribute to the company’s revenue or market share. Five-year goals (slide 4): Speculate on what the company wants to achieve in the next five years by considering their mission statement, values and goals, and relevant sections of their sustainability report. Perform an external environment analysis of your company to identify the company’s competitive environment and find an opportunity the company can utilize to grow its revenue or market share in the industry. Present the results of your analysis. Competitors (slide 5): Identify at least two of your company’s top competitors and explain how they compete with your company. Competitive advantages (slides 6–11): Evaluate your company’s competitive advantages. Summarize the unique skill sets, products, location, and values of your company. Use Porter’s five forces to analyze your company’s competitiveness and growth potential in its industry. Assign a rating to your company for each of Porter’s five forces as very high (VH), high (H), low (L), or very low (VL). Justify your ratings. Area of opportunity (slides 12–13): Identify one area of opportunity that will help your company increase its revenue or market share over the next five years. Explain how this opportunity can lead to an increase in revenue or market share. Conduct a buy-build-ally analysis for your company and recommend actions your company can take to realize your identified opportunity within five years. Implementation strategy (slides 14–17): Recommend an implementation strategy for your company. Determine whether the company will need to buy, build, or ally with another company. Consider the skills, facilities, products, and services the company will need, to capitalize on the identified opportunity. Use the speaker notes of your presentation to explain the strategy behind your buy, build, and ally recommendations. Timeline (slides 18–19): Construct a timeline of what your company should achieve by the end of each year for the next five years. ****PART 2 Executive Summary Create an executive summary of your strategic planning proposal. Remember to consider the audience and purpose of this report when drafting your summary. Purpose: Briefly explain the purpose of the proposal. Current business environment : Describe the internal and external business environments of the company. Outline the various analyses you conducted and briefly summarize their importance. Describe the opportunity for growth you identified and how it will impact the company’s revenue or market share. Recommendations : Recommend actions, such as buy, build, and ally, that the company should take to utilize the identified opportunity and explain the reasons for your recommendations.

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