Introduction. You should describe the objective of the essay, explain why the qu
Introduction. You should describe the objective of the essay, explain why the question is important (either in the ‘real’ world or for discipline of economics) and outline the main arguments covered in the essay. Ultimately, the introduction will be assessed according to how well it prepares the reader to the essay that follows. The Body of Your Essay • Logical development of ideas and overall quality of the writing. The main arguments should be based on deductive or inductive reasoning approaches. The language in which these arguments are presented should be precise, meaning that assumptions have to be stated clearly and arguments should be backed up by analytical tools (diagrams) and citations. • Relevance and application of microeconomic theory and material included in the answer. The essay should focus mostly on arguments relevant to microeconomic theory and should make a correct use of relevant references. • Depth of Analysis. The arguments mentioned should consider possible limitations and if the final result is inconclusive it should be clearly stated. It is not a problem to not be able to reach a clear- cut result for a research question as long as one can objectively show that there are possible arguments in favor or against a particular point of view. Conclusion A good conclusion emphasizes (again) what the central result is and possibly for whom or for which other aspects the result can be relevant. It can contain suggestions on future research or policy advice. The conclusion will be assessed on how objectively it assesses the importance of the central result. Presentation and layout Your work must be well presented using Microsoft Word with font size 12, and in 1.5 line spacing. Any diagram(s) applied must be drawn by you embedded in your essay. Additionally, any chart which is copy and pasted from a particular source must be properly referenced. It is important to use the CU Harvard referencing style for both in-text citations and the list of references displayed at the end of your essay.

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