in APA format Complete a windshield survey in your own community and in Sentinel
in APA format Complete a windshield survey in your own community and in Sentinel City and include what you saw and heard while riding and/or walking around in Sentinel City® and in your own community. After which, please complete one (1) to four (4) below: Review the following resources first: QSEN: (Links to an external site.)Quality and Safety Education for Nurses. The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health: (Links to an external site.)ad/12956/chapter/2 (Links to an external site.) The Future of Public Health: (Links to an external site.) Watch the Henry Street Settlement: 120 Years in 4 Minutes Video: https:/ / (Links to an external site.) I 579DMxTdxo& (Links to an external site.) questions for paper to answer: 1. Compare and contrast the sights and sounds in all four (4) neighborhoods (Nightingale Square, Acer Tech Center, Casper Park District, and Industrial Heights) in Sentinel City® to sights and sounds in your own community. 2. Describe three (3) major health concerns that you have observed and give one (1) example of what you saw or heard that support each health concern that you described. 3. Identify one (1) vulnerable or underserved population in Sentinel City®. Also, identify one (1) health problem specific to this group, and outline at least four (4) initiatives that the community health nurse should take to help this population with the health problem you have identified. APA format is expected. 4. Really important Your paper should be 4 – 6 pages long excluding a title (cover) page and reference list page. You should have at least three (3) in-text citations and corresponding references listed on the reference page. Please see rubric for this assignment toward the end of this syllabus. (5 hours of clinical time in Sentinel City and 4 hours in own community, plus 3 hours to write paper = 12 hours).

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