I would like to write about the fake new phenomenon in this essay like how a lot
I would like to write about the fake new phenomenon in this essay like how a lot of people did not take the elaboration process while going through news images to investigate the power of these news images and how these powerful photographs evoke people's emotions. More sources will be preferred to be used in this essay the more the better, please feel free to pick out sources from the list below: You are recommended to – but not limited to – make use of the following key texts to develop the theoretical contexts of your discussion: • Barthes, R. (1957) Mythologies. Paris: Seuil. • Benjamin, W. (1969) ‘The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction’, Illuminations. London: Penguin. • Berger, J. (2008) Ways of seeing. London: Penguin. • Mirzoeff, N. (2013) The visual culture reader. London: Routledge. • Peters, J. D. (2001) ‘Witnessing’, Media, Culture & Society, 23(6), pp. 707–723. • Said, E. (1985) Orientalism. Harmondsworth: Penguin. • Sontag, S. (2003) Regarding the pain of others. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. • Struken, M. and Cartwright L. (2006) Practices of looking: an introduction to visual culture. New York: Oxford University Press. • Summers, F. (2012) ‘Photography and Visual Culture’ in (eds.) Gardiner, M., Nadarajan, G., & Soussloff, C., The Handbook of visual culture. London: Berg. • Van Dijck, J. (2008) ‘Digital photography: communication, identity, memory’, Visual Communication, 7(1), pp. 57–76. Structure of the essay: 1.Introduction-define the area of investigation and discussion( power of news images) and narrow down the question or break it into a few sub-questions if necessary. 2.Main body- set the essay question in context by identifying relevant theoretical sources and build your own arguments with evidence and examples -put forward one key point per paragraph. 3.Conclusion- summarize your arguments and evidence and show how they answer the original question.

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