I have done stage 1 and 2 I can send them so you can get a feel on what i want y
I have done stage 1 and 2 I can send them so you can get a feel on what i want you to write about. Stage 1: Pre-contemplation (10 points)  Submit at least a paragraph statement of several behaviors of yourself that you think you might need to change but you are not certain yet. Discuss why you think these should change (for example, family and friends have pointed these out as problems) Stage 2: Contemplation (10 points)  Submit at least one paragraph about the specific behavior/belief you have decided to change. State why the final decision is this choice and why it became necessary to make this the focus. Stage 3: Preparation (20 points)  Submit at least one-page paper on how you plan to initiate the behavior/belief change. Be specific of how to implement the change within a specific schedule and offer other concerns/obstacles that need to be considered to enhance the success. State how you plan to deal with those concerns/obstacles. Stage 4: Action (10 points)  Submit at least two paragraphs on the steps taken by you to implement the behavior/belief change. Write about obstacles or unforeseen difficulties that you experienced while engaging in the change. Also, focus on benefits of the action taken by yourself for this project. Stage 5: Maintenance (10 points)  Submit at least two paragraphs on your ability to maintain the change in behavior/belief. Note challenges and/or relapses and the way you dealt with those challenges and/or relapses, if applicable. Discuss how you plan to continue this change in behavior Submit at least two pages for the final stage. Describe how the Transtheoretical Model was used for this health behavior change project. Review each stage of your process of change step by step. Did this model help you to accomplish your goal? If so, in what way? If not, what model would you choose in the future? Discuss if you would recommend this model to others who would like to change behavior. If the behavior change is successful and you continue to maintain the change, what long-term benefits can you expect? How did the changed behavior impact your family and/or friends?

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