I have attached the results and full description of the assignment which include
I have attached the results and full description of the assignment which includes the crieria for the paper This data set, "Beer Goggles", provides median attractiveness ratings of 50 attractive or unattractive faces after consuming different amounts of alcohol. Variables: FaceType - Attractiveness of the rated faces (`0' = unattractive, `1' = attractive). Alcohol - Amount of alcohol consumed (`0' = Placebo group with 500 ml of non-alcoholic beer, `1' = Low-dose group with 500 ml of average strength beer (4% ABV), `2' = High-dose group with 500 ml of strong beer (7% ABV). Attractiveness - Median of the 50 attractiveness ratings on a scale from 0 (``pass me a paper bag'') to 10 (``pass me their phone number''). This example JASP file demonstrates the use of ANOVA. Specifically, we will test whether alcohol has a stronger different effect on unattractive faces ratings than on the attractive ones. Changing the variable labels in JASP You can do this by simply clicking on the row at the top and then changing the variable number to a name. So for the first variable you can add a label from just a number to Attractive face which was zero and label unattractive face which is 1. For the alcohol level you can change 0 to placebo, 1 = 4% and 2=7%. You will also need to conduct a post-hoc analysis for the level of alcohol consumption so you can see which levels actually differ significantly. Your paper should include a full empirical paper: Title page Abstract Introduction/Literature review with 5 cited sources Purpose/Aim of study statement Hypothesis based and backed by your literature Method section with: Participants Materials Procedure Design Results section Discussion section Reference page Table with M, SD, and N

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