Hi — Please read the instructions carefully then write a story about a known br
Hi -- Please read the instructions carefully then write a story about a known brand that tells a story to their audience. Please make this a good one. TELL ME A STORY Storytelling has been around for thousands of years. From the early days of humanity, when mythological stories were shared around the campfire, to our modern-day political leaders and inspiring figures, people have used the power of storytelling to share their vision and create a sense of community. For the past couple of years, the marketing world has also been abuzz with brand storytelling. Storytelling in a marketing context is a device that takes full advantage of the online environment of modern consumers and involves them into the brand's marketing message (story). By combining emotion and logic, consumer-led storytelling is more persuasive than any push marketing strategy. Story telling is fundamental to every culture. When the story is relevant to the wants, needs and interest of the audience, it is a powerful and persuasive way to convey information to the audience In a three (2)-page paper tell me of a brand that uses the storytelling approach to connect with you as their targeted audience to grow their brand. 1). Include in the assignment, why does it connect to you, and does it deepen your connection to the brand? Is the story engaging to you and why is that? > What emotions do you feel when you use their products? > Do you recall the brand story as memorable and easy? > Is the story genuine to you or do you perceive it as another marketing ploy to get you to buy more product? > Will you continue to purchase the products now that you know more about them?

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