Here is the link: After viewing the
Here is the link: After viewing the video, please respond to the following questions. You will notice that the assignment will touch on the material we covered previously. What would you do if, like Sandy Beck, your income suddenly dropped by two-thirds and you lost all your benefits, what sacrifices would you have to make? How different would it be if we had social protections like universal health care, secure pensions, job training and placement assistance, 80% unemployment pay, income supports for families, paid parental leave, and universal childcare? Would you be willing to pay 20% more of your income, like the Swedes do, to have all those benefits guaranteed to you? Physician Neil Palafox says, "Poverty creates a dynamic in individuals where they feel they don't control their lives or anything that occurs in their lives." What kinds of policy changes might give the Marshallese a greater sense of control over their lives and/or increase the choices available to them in terms of work, residence, and health? Is there a similar dynamic at work in poor communities in the United States?

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