Hello, my name is William Whernman, The essay which you will be reading will co
Hello, my name is William Whernman, The essay which you will be reading will conclude the following points. -Why I am interested in a career in cybersecurity. -What are my goals for this type of lifestyle and career. -My motivation for this type of career. -What prospects will this degree open for me. -Why this degree is worth it for me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start with why I am interested in a degree and career in cybersecurity. Since the pandemic, the use of technology has expanded past what it once was. It's evident that as the years go by, access to technology has been made easier that than, let's say, 20 years ago, but with that progress comes the struggles of cybercrimes and cyberwarfare. Without the ability to leave our homes and talk face to face with people, we had to adapt to overcome this struggle. Most people I know, and especially myself, have made technology our entire lives and have gotten used to that fact. We can interact with people worldwide and access information from almost anywhere instantaneously from a device that we can use while on the toilet. And as crude as that sounds, it is still entirely accurate, plus the fact that many of us leave our entire identities. And what makes us who we are on a GLOBAL system with information that can be accessed from anywhere is quite terrifying, you think about it. There are many factors as to why I am interested in a career in cybersecurity. But the main one would likely be that availability and need for it in the coming future. As the pandemic has disrupted our lives and forced my of us into seclusion, we have been forced to rely further on the services that had already heavily dominated our lives in the past. Besides this further reliance, we are also further at risk from digital terrorism and the information we so readily put into the internet being used against us. With the success of services such as Nord and Express VPN, we have become more aware of the risk of what we have been doing and of the sizable ramifications of what has and will be done to us. With banks like First American having 900 million reported compromised cases back in 2019 and the cases that were not reported. The demand for professionals in cybersecurity has grown exponentially higher and will continue to grow moving forward further. ----------‐----------------------------------------------------------- My goals for this type of career are, in actuality, quite primary. -To protect others and me from having potentially our lives ruined in front of our eyes due to aspects like: Identity fraud Financial and Private Information being Leaked Larceny Blackmail Subjugation As well as a host of other things could be taken and used against us for whatever reason the perpetrator requires. -To have a stable career path that has an expected demand increase of 28% through 2026. -To have a stable financial profile with the median annual Security analyst salary being 92,000 USD. -To work in a broad market that is open for travel has encompassed my countries and has numerous potential scenarios for learning/growth both professionally and personally. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Motivation: Cyber Attacks: https://www.vxchnge.com/blog/biggest-cyberattacks-2019
Cyber Attacks 2020! 20 of 2020’s Notable Cyber Attacks
https://illinois.touro.edu/news/the-10-biggest-ransomware-attacks-of-2021.php Pandemic:
How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Impacting Cyber Security Worldwide 
https://www.cybersecurityintelligence.com/blog/how-has-a-year-of-pandemic-changed-cyber-security-5553.html Demand:
Find a cybersecurity career
Cybersecurity: A career that will stay in-demand for decades to come
Future: https://www.techradar.com/news/what-is-the-future-of-cybersecurity
What’s The Future of Cybersecurity? 40 Experts Share Their Insights
The Future of Cybersecurity
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Future Prospects: My main interests in this line of work are both: Digital Forensics Analyst Penetration Tester/ Ethical Hacker ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I consider this degree worth it for me because not only can I help people without being limited by geography. I can also keep myself financially stable while completing my tasks anywhere I see fit. I consider myself a future digital nomad and have always loved to travel. This career is accessible to me with just a laptop, and a wifi connection is pretty amazing. While that may seem superficial, I still consider this career a promising future for myself.

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