General Instructions: Double-spaced content. Format using Times New Roman 12 poi
General Instructions: Double-spaced content. Format using Times New Roman 12 point font, 1 inch margins, and APA style for sources. A list of at least 10 references needs to appear after the content at the end of the paper. Take note that this paper will be processed by Safe Assign which is a plagiarism checker software. Make sure that you properly credit all your sources throughout the body of the paper. Topic: The impact of Information Systems on Business Objectives Business firms invest heavily in information systems in order to achieve the following six strategic objectives: 1) Operational excellence 2) New products, services, & business models 3) Customer and supplier intimacy 4) Improved decision making 5) Competitive advantage 6) Survival Assignment Details: By doing a search of the internet, or by other research methods, identify a company or organization whose business has been transformed by information technology. (1) Show examples of how technology improved their business operations. (2) Explain, in detail, what subset of the above strategic objectives applies to your case study and how the use of technology impacted the achievement of these objectives. (3) Incorporate concepts learned throughout the course to support your discussion: Digital Firm, Cloud computing and Information Systems Infrastructure, Big Data & Unified Communications, Information Systems Security & Ethical Issues, Enterprise Systems & Ecommerce, Knowledge management systems and the knowledge management value chain; Artificial intelligence, Cost justifying IT projects; The growth of global information systems; Management challenges and opportunities for global value chains.

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