For your essay, You will be writing an analytical essay using in the time of th
For your essay, You will be writing an analytical essay using in the time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez and Persepolis 1 by Marjane Satrapi. The thesis should be an original argument where you draw a specific conclusion from comparing or contrasting these two works. The requirements for this paper are as follows a clear arguable thesis that answers a specific question. The thesis should not be a statement of fact. It should be an assertion that someone could argue against. An introduction in which you introduce your paper topic and clearly articulate your thesis. strong topic sentences for each body paragraph. At least three body paragraphs. At least two citations per body paragraph. A conclusion that sums up your argument and major points. An original title The paper and its citations must be formatted to meet MLA standards. The paper should be no fewer than a thousand words and no more than 1005 words. Some themes and ideas to consider: Compare the elements of different characters identities How does an identity impact different characters finding or are able to find their places in the world? What pressures can stem from elements pertaining to Identity? Are these pressures internal or external? How does identity impact others except for an individual and how do 2 different characters handle these external expectations? How do characters reconcile conflicting senses of personal identity? What is the connection between identity and Rebellion?

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