For this assignment, choose an article from one of the practitioner journals tha
For this assignment, choose an article from one of the practitioner journals that includes some use of data from the stock market or company financials. No need to find an article with a lot of fancy statistics, but the article should involve some type of numbers and data that you can find online from Yahoo Finance or other Web pages with financial data on publicly-traded corporations. If one of the papers from your Module 5 Case meets this description, you can use it for this assignment as well. Once you have found an article that meets this description, try your hand at repeating some of the calculations or analysis in the article. Again, no need to do any fancy statistics. Just take a stab at using financial data either from the Internet or even financial data from your workplace if it is available, and apply the techniques from this article to the data you find. For example, if the article proposes a new way to look at financial ratios for a given company, then look up the financial ratios for a major corporation on Yahoo Finance. Or if the article discusses new ways to pick stocks to invest in, try picking some stocks based both on the methods proposed in the article as well as information that you find online about different companies. Again, no need to do any fancy statistics but at least find some data and do some simple analysis of the data based on the article you found. Your paper should be 3–5 pages and should include: An overview of the analysis technique that you found in the article. Your calculations and data presented in an organized and easy to understand manner. Discussion about the results and implications of your analysis. Take a look at both the general description of the journal as well as a few recent articles in each journal: Journal of Applied Corporate Finance was originally started by the investment bank Morgan Stanley and covers a range of issues from the perspective of corporate financial strategies. Journal of Portfolio Management covers financial issues from the point of view of the investor. Financial Analysts Journal is the official journal of the CFA Institute, the organization that gives out the Certified Financial Analyst Certificate. Articles in this journal tend to be a bit more technical than articles in other practitioner journals. Journal of Wealth Management presents research from a financial planning perspective.

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