For my final project this semester I would like to do a paper that will be an an
For my final project this semester I would like to do a paper that will be an analysis of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. I will be specifically focusing on the impact that the play has had on the feminist movement in both theatre and society as a whole. I plan to look into Ibsen’s life and ideals to see if, similarly to Lysistrata it was unintentionally lending itself to feminist views or if it was something that was done intentionally. This has been one of my favorite plays for a few years now and this topic has been something that has been in the back of my mind, and I believe that this paper will be an excellent way to do a deep dive on the play. I would like to look into how the show was critically received as well as the audience reception since I know the ending was rather shocking when the play was first published. I have also been playing with the idea of comparing how it was viewed then as opposed to how we view it now or how the reception would be different if the play were written in this century or even the late 20th century. If I can find a copy of Ibsen’s alternate ending to the play, as well as sources for it, I think it would also be interesting to see what this ending was, if Nora stayed with Torvald, and how that could completely change the story and the impact it has had. Another aspect to look at with the alternate ending is thinking about why Ibsen chose to use one ending over another and what that says about his writing, especially since he is viewed as the “father of realism” and the idea of a wife forging signatures, taking out illegal loans, and ultimately leaving her husband was not exactly that realistic at the time that the play was written. In some of the research that I have already done, I found that Nora Helmer (along with a few other characters in other plays) was somewhat inspired by Ibsen’s wife, Suzannah. In both my section on Ibsen’s early life and his time in his self-imposed exile I would like to look into how she may have inspired the character if I can get my hands on more reliable sources on their relationship. So far, I have found an overwhelming number of sources for the impact the play had on feminism and society, feminist critiques, Ibsen himself, and a bunch more and I am currently working on narrowing it down to a manageable amount. The only source I am certain I will be using as of right now is a copy of A Doll’s House.

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