FIRST, select ONE of the following modern real estate topics: Marijuana Use and
FIRST, select ONE of the following modern real estate topics: Marijuana Use and Residential Markets (Leasing and/or Ownership) Projected Real Estate Trends – Looking Forward to 2022 and beyond COVID-19 and Its Effects on Leasing and Sales of Residential Homes Section 4024 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act ("CARES Act") (as well as the state and federal extension laws) and Its Effects in the Rental Industry Dangerous Breeds (ex-Pitbulls) that are Designated Service Animals and Leasing Law Housing Discrimination and/or Racial/Gender/Sexual Orientation Bias in Leasing Homeowner's Associations - Useful or Unfair? Tax Laws Impact on Real Estate (ex- Limitations on Mortgage Interest Deductions) Potential Effects of McGirt v. Oklahoma, 591 U.S. __ (2020) on Non-Native American Homeowners of Eastern Oklahoma Eminent Domain in 2020 – Fixing Economic Blight, Improving an Economy, a Government Justified Taking or Violation of Constitutional Rights Duties of A Real Estate Agent/Broker – How Far Is Too Far When Giving Advice Bankruptcy vs. Short Sale vs. Loan Modification – The Importance of These Financial Options for the Struggling Homeowner and Their Pros and Cons Real Estate Scams – What Are They and How Can We Protect Against Them as Consumers You will then write a 3-4 page paper summarizing the real estate issue you have selected, explaining its importance, the issue's law in your home state (statutes or case law) if applicable, how the issue is evolving and what the future may hold. Your paper may exceed the minimum page requirement if needed. Please remember that this is not an opinion paper. While you may have certain areas that include opinion, such as what the future may hold, the majority of your paper should be focused on research. You should have at least four (4) academic sources, but more is suggested. Research: You should conduct research and use academic sources to support your statements. Research should come from academic sources such as case law, statutes and law review articles in Nexis Uni; articles in the APUS Library (Summon); news paper articles; federal/state government websites; court websites; and academic studies containing statistics. You may also do research at your local library, local real estate commission or conduct interviews of those in the field of real estate or law. Non-academic websites, such as Wikipedia or advertising blogs, such as Findlaw, may not be used. Formatting: Your paper is required to be double spaced in Times New Roman 12pt font, with 1" margins on each side. No title page is needed. Please place your name, student ID and date at the top of the paper. Citations should be in APA or Bluebook format. If you are a major in the Legal Studies Department, you are required to utilize Bluebook footnotes using the 'insert footnote' feature in Word. However, no reference list is needed. If you are a major that is not in the Legal Studies Department, you may use APA citations in parenthesis; however, you must include a reference list at the end of your paper.

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