Final Reflection This final reflection will detail your academic writing process
Final Reflection This final reflection will detail your academic writing process; it will showcase your understanding of the material and writing strategies. Specifically, the reflection should: discuss the writing process you engaged in for the different papers you created in this class, being as specific as possible use evidence (quote yourself!) from your papers and discussion board posts to support your points make comparisons between the different tales you have read and/or critical essays you have read explain how your writing process has changed over the course of the semester, what aspects of writing you think you do well, and which ones you will continue to work on Remember these items as you write: Purpose: Your purpose is to produce an entertaining and informative reflection that demonstrates your understanding of your own writing process and the material covered Medium: You can use any medium you want to produce this project: MS Word, Prezi, YouTube, PowerPoint, pen and paper, typewriter, a series of memes, Powtoons, smart draw, etc. It does not need to take the form of an essay. Genre: You may follow any form and style you would like. It can be personal and narrative or objective and quantitative. It can follow an existing genre or create a new one. Audience: You are writing specifically for your professor and your classmates. Stance: You are a thoughtful and successful college student who understands their own work and rhetorical terms and concepts. Your slant should reflect this authority. Thesis: Thesis is in the introduction of the paper and is easily identifiable, plausible Structure: Evident, understandable and appropriate. Excellent transitions among points with paragraphs that support solid topic sentences. Introduction provides background information and thesis statement. Conclusion brings the essay to closure without introducing new ideas or repeating thesis verbatim Analysis and use of textual and visual evidence: Textual evidence clearly related to paragraph topic sentences Logic and Argumentation: All ideas in the paper flow logically; the argument is identifiable, reasonable, and sound. Author makes novel connections to outside material (to other parts of the class, or other classes) which illuminate thesis. Grammar/Mechanics:Sentence structure, grammar, and word choice excellent; correct use of punctuation, quotations and MLA citation style; minimal to no spelling errors.

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