Final Exam Answer any THREE of the following questions in 600-800 words each. Yo
Final Exam Answer any THREE of the following questions in 600-800 words each. Your answer should address all parts of a question. Be sure to cite your textbook and other sources, as necessary. Define, explain, and give one example of each of the following terms: Social fact Socialization Ethnography Social norms Socially constructed Explain the sociological category “class”. In detail, describe 2 theoretical approaches that are used to study “class” with examples. “Women, especially Black and Hispanic women, were and continue to be disproportionately affected by the pandemic.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your position using at least three examples, and topics discussed in class. You and two of your classmates are tasked with studying the effectiveness of Express Courses offered in BMCC. You have all the resources you need (institutional, and financial) to gather data and present your findings to the school administration in 6 months. List and in detail explain the methods you will use to collect the data (if you are using surveys, for example, explain how you will go about deciding your sample and the method of administering or doing the survey). Explain why your methods will help answer the research question. List three questions you will ask in your survey/interviews/etc. What do you think will be the shortcomings of your project, if any? This assignment is due on Friday, May 20th by midnight.

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