Examine four (4) core concepts of science fiction films. What defines the genre?
Examine four (4) core concepts of science fiction films. What defines the genre? What are the best versions of these aspects? What are you most excited about? And what would you like to see more of in the future of sci-fi? Take a look at character, setting, theme, symbol or some current trends in the genre (aliens, robots, space, gender, technology, etc) and identify the best, most interesting, weirdest aspects that have caught your attention and the ideal construction of these aspects in a narrative. Include some examples from some of the works we’ve looked at this semester as references, but let me know what you think makes best use of the science fiction genre. This assignment should be approximately 1,500 words in length in MLA style but it is not a formal essay so you can use the first person and don’t need a formal introduction or conclusion. Your response will cover four (4) items from the list below. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Character: What makes a great sci-fi character? Is there an ideal protagonist for the genre that works best for exploring the themes and issues of science fiction? We’ve seen heroes, anti-heroes, chosen ones, aliens, astronauts, AI’s and more – what stands out when defining a great sci-fi character? And, if you were to construct the ideal science fiction character what would they be? Please use specific examples from texts or films we have looked at this semester to illustrate the points you raise in your discussion. 2. Theme: Sci-fi is known for being an ideas genre. Greed, power, racism, morality; all concepts addressed in any manner of ways. Is there a dominant theme that science fiction is best suited to address? Describe how you would address that theme in a fictional work along with providing parallels to different text or films we have looked at this semester for support. 3. Setting: Space and a decaying earth, two of the most prominently used locations for science fiction stories. What setting best allows for the telling of a story of speculation? Is the maximum impact achieved by setting something in the near future? A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? On another planet? In a modern urban location? Or in the confines of a claustrophobic space ship? What setting would you choose to illustrate the themes you believe are essential to a sci-fi story or the characters that populate that world? Again, include parallels to works we have covered in class as part of your response. 4. Symbol: Sci-fi is full of symbols. What do you believe is the most powerful symbol that can be used to address the themes, ideas or concepts present in science fiction today (robots, aliens, technology, the city, advanced weaponry, so, so many to choose from)? Be sure to clearly explain the object you have chosen along with clearly describing what that object represents. Again, provide some examples from the course works in your response to help support your response. 5. Current trends in sci-fi: Many trends have populated the genre of science fiction over time, (we’ve looked at aliens, AI, space exploration, body horror, representations of gender, dystopia) and sci-fi has offered criticism and commentary on a wide range of these issues. So, what issue is best represented in today’s science fiction? What makes it work for a modern audience? Explain what you think the relationship of that issue is to society today and why sci-fi is the way to Science, Fiction & Futuristic Narratives LITT 29989GD address the problems associated with it. Again, provide some parallels to your choice from some works we have looked at during the semester.

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