During each term of the Doctoral Study students will develop a term plan with te
During each term of the Doctoral Study students will develop a term plan with term goals that must be achieved in order earn a Satisfactory grade for the term. Using the Doctoral Study Guide on the DHA Doctoral Study website complete the following on the discussion board. Create an initial discussion board post that includes the following: When are term plans required to be submitted for final approval each term? What must a student submit and achieve to earn a Satisfactory grade each term? Explain the relationship and purpose amongst the “Initial Term Plan”, “Mid-Term Review” and “Final Term Plan”. What does the acronym SMART stand for and when is it used in term planning? Based on the information from the DHA Program Prospectus Support site create a SMART term plan goal. Term Planning and Term Grades Term grades are determined according to the Chair-approved term goals submitted in weeks 1 and 2 each term. Your Blackboard course has detailed information about developing term plans and term grading, so please review that information. Your Blackboard course provides a link to a blank, 11-week Term Plan document with further instructions. The following information outlines the requirements for term planning and grading. This information does not replace the requirements in your Blackboard course. Below are critical elements to consider when creating your term goals and understanding term grades. 1. Term goals are created and approved based on your previous terms achievements and the current work needed to show progress towards graduation. 2. Term grades are determined by achieving your Chair-approved term goals each term. a. Term goals are set to ensure students make adequate progress towards graduation each term. b. When you see the term “making progress”, it is referring to progress towards graduation; and achieving your term goal is the tangible evidence that progress is taking place. c. Term goals are submitted in week 1 for an initial review and approval and resubmitted in week 2 if needed. d. Without approved term goals, students will earn a U grade in the term. e. Term grades are not determined by effort or the number of draft submissions. 3. Mid-term reviews are completed to ensure students are on target for achieving their Chair-approved term goals. a. Mid-term reviews are not designed to change the original term goals. b. If a student has a documented, extenuating circumstance they should request a review of the term goals and possible modification of term goals. c. Changing term goals at the mid-term is rare and requires justification. 4. The final term plan must note that the term goals were achieved in order to receive a Satisfactory (S) for the term. 5. The final research draft submitted must demonstrate evidence that the original term goals were achieved. https://youtu.be/0DJ3xFwUSak Smart goals video

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