DIMENSIONS OF CULTURE In this Module 2 SLP assignment, you will be measuring you
DIMENSIONS OF CULTURE In this Module 2 SLP assignment, you will be measuring your personal cultural values and comparing them to Hofstede’s dimensions of culture for the culture in which you live. Please start by filling out the following self-assessment: CVSCALE: The Five-Dimensional Measure of Personal Cultural Values. After completing the self-assessment above, address the following in your 2 full page paper (excluding title and references pages) and reflect on the following questions: What did the CVSCALE reveal about your cultural values? How does this compare to your own country’s values, according to Hofstede’s research? What other insights about cultural values have you gained from this questionnaire, the readings, and other aspects of the course so far that will be valuable to you in leading across different cultures? SLP Assignment Expectations The format for this SLP is less formal than academic papers (e.g., you can use the first person), but you should include headings to organize your thoughts and guide the reader. Cite all sources where you are using information, data, or text from an outside source (including assessments). The SLP should be thoughtful and insightful, integrating results and learnings from the assessment with other activities in the module and course. Your SLP paper must be at least 2 full pages (Excluding Title and References Pages) in length. Your SLP should be edited and error-free. Be sure that you incorporate 2 scholarly sources found in the Assignment, Materials and Bibliography, Required and Optional reading list, and from the Background page into your written analysis. Be sure that you properly cite all sources used in your paper (APA Style) in-text and in your end referencing. I attached the CVSCALE...

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