Devise a plan for completing the simulation with your learning team. You could
Devise a plan for completing the simulation with your learning team. You could find a time to meet and run it together or run the simulation individually and then discuss your results in whatever way works best for your team. Read all of instructions and background information carefully, choose your scenario (Base, Rollercoaster, Stagnation), and begin the simulation. If you are confused or running into issues running the simulation, please ask questions! You will be given some information about the current state of the economy and must make decisions about monetary and fiscal policy like setting interest rates and tax rates. Your decisions will be reflected in the state of the economy in the following year. You will make decisions for seven year sand see where the economy ends up! Run the simulation as many times as you'd like, but be sure to run each scenario at least once. I will review your results to verify the simulation has been completed. Team Deliverable: You will create an after-action report (2 pages in length minimum) Goal of the report: Not concerned at all with formatting, just provide a well-written narrative. Summarize your results (if run individually, briefly talk about everyone's results) Explain the decisions that led to these results. Explain the logic and thought process that led to these decisions. What would you do differently next time? In other words, what did you learn from the simulation? Did the simulation help you to understand how macroeconomic variables are related, or how economic models work? Share any new insights gained.

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