Department: National Economic Council Position: Special Assistant to the Preside
Department: National Economic Council Position: Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy Principal Memo #2 · All class members will individually write a 2-page memo addressed to his or her department’s/agency’s principal, preparing her or him to testify on the Hill before the department's Senate or House authorizing committee-"your committee"-on the FY23 budget request for your Department. · The memo will focus on two issues: 1- A quick summary of the request The Department's key asks/what to emphasize in his or her pitch Anything likely to be controversial (a big overall jump in the request, a new program, something being killed, etc.) 2 -Other Issues likely to come up in the hearing (Committee members often use such hearings to raise unrelated policy questions) Major issues of the day related to your department and the administration Hobby horse issues for key committee members This is not an answers memo. Your principal will ask for more information on the "other issues" if she/he feels like they need it. The art is to anticipate the likely questions your principal will face. That means to prepare to write this memo you will need to research: · Your Department's budget request There will be statements out there summing up the Department's position as well as push back from critics on the Hill. · The political and personal dynamics inside your authorizing committee o The best way to do this, is to review last year's testimony before the committee (or this year's but you can't just parrot what you hear/see) and then think about the likely hot/neuralgic issues that will come up by late May when this memo is due. Use The Following Sources: and the attachment. The preferred method would be to have a two-paragraph executive summary of the two issues and then dive into the memo. You may use bullet points if need be when explaining key issues.

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