Dear Students, Please select ONE topic and write a 2 to 4 page essay in which yo
Dear Students, Please select ONE topic and write a 2 to 4 page essay in which you: 1. State the issue under consideration clearly and succinctly. 2. Provide your stance on the issue (this is your thesis statement). 3. Provide the best argument in defense of your thesis. 4. Provide your opponent's best counter-argument. 5. Respond to the counter-argument. TOPICS: What does Xiaofei Liu mean when he says that he understands racial looksism as a “personal preference” rather than a “personal policy”? What objection does he consider to this way of understanding racial looksism and do you agree with Liu’s response to the objection? What can be done to overcome racial looksism? What does Peter Singer mean when he days that we are obligated to treat all animals as equals? Do you agree with his view that our current attitudes toward non-human animals are “speciesist”? In his "The Singer Solution to World Poverty" Peter Singer argues that people living in wealthy nations ought to donate the bulk of their disposable incomes (i.e. the money left over after they pay for rent, food, and other necessities) to charity in order to eliminate global poverty. His opponents object that such giving is either not consistent with human nature, an undo burden on people living in the rich nations, or would otherwise destroy the economies of rich nations. Is Singer overstating his case? With whom do you agree and why?

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