Critical Theory Research Essay/Final Overview: For this assignment you will choo
Critical Theory Research Essay/Final Overview: For this assignment you will choose 1-2 literary theories/criticisms to analyze the novel Under the Feet of Jesus or the play A Raisin in the Sun. Staying focused on the lens of your choice, you will develop a thesis statement and support it with the primary text and a minimum of FOUR to SIX outside sources. These sources should be from the library’s database: peer reviewed, scholarly sources. Your focus can be specific to the topic that interests you most. You will write an essay that uses 1 or 2 of the critical theories/literary criticisms to create a critical interpretation/argument about the novel or play.*If you are interested in creating an argument using other assigned texts, email me* Requirements: Use 4-6 critical theory/sociological sources (sources should be literary criticism and credible research sources about the text you chose, theory, or relevant topics). It should be between 1900-2300 words (or close). Introduce the text you’re going to discuss in your introductory paragraph and ensure it is clear what theory you’re going to be using to analyze and construct your argument around. Body paragraphs should provide an analysis of the novel or play using a critical theory of your choice. Be sure your introductory sentences transition smoothly and work to introduce the ideas within each paragraph. Clearly introduce and analyze all quoted and paraphrased material; show the reader how the examples you’ve included support and prove your points (instead of making the reader guess at the connections). Supply evidence (i.e. direct quotations) from the text. Draft a conclusion that is memorable and gives some insight into the ways in which literature is entering the conversation surrounding relevant issues. Craft an enticing and relevant title. Write in an appropriate, college-level tone (third person, no colloquial language, etc.). Adhere to MLA format (Works Cited, in-text citations, 12pt Font Times New Roman, etc.). Submit your paper to Canvas by 11:59 p.m. on the day it is due.

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