Consider a personal decision that you either have made, will make, or could cons
Consider a personal decision that you either have made, will make, or could consider making. Find an example from your past (or imagination) that involves multiple issues, each of which contain multiple possible outcomes. Generate a scoring sheet for this decision. I HAVE ATTACHED A FILE WITH THE TEMPLATE AND FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS BELOW I HAVE GIVEN A FEW NOTES.....IF YOU THINK THIS DOESN,T FIT THE QUESTION PLEASE USE SOMETHING ELSE. MY ROLE IS A LAWYER AT UNHCR I thought of scoring system for the job offer. I worked in the UNHCR Baku office. Salary was 60,000$ plus medical insurance; retirement scheme.. Location Baku. No need to work during weekends and I was happy to be with my family. Offer 1) to work in Ukraine, Kiev, work on Saturdays sometimes required; due to conflict with Russia and emergency situation I would have to work under pressure and meet all pressing deadlines; I could bring my family - which is plus; salary: 80,000$ plus all the benefits such as medical insurance. In addition, full coverage of tuition fees for my kids.. Offer 2) Go to Work in Lahore, Pakistan. Salary 100,000$. Non-family duty station- I could not bring family; all the UN benefits such as insurance plus I would have had 10 days off every 2 months and free air tickets to visit Baku and my family; but work under pressure sometimes weekends... and obviously no social life.. and mandatory to live in secure and guarded compound

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