Complete an Annotated Bibliography for 5 Sources Purpose: Compile the citations
Complete an Annotated Bibliography for 5 Sources Purpose: Compile the citations of your research in correct MLA format to prepare for the Works Cited page. Practice summarizing your sources. Organize your sources so you will know how you will use your sources in your essay. Directions: Find 5 outside sources to complete the Film Analysis Essay. Here are suggestions: A) At least 1 source to establish the American Dream of your film. B) At least 1 source to explain the historical or social context of the film. C) 2 sources will be film reviews D) Your film can count as a source **At least two sources need to come from NVCC library database. 2. Organize the sources into an Annotated Bibliography: Part 1: MLA Citation of your source Part 2: Summary of the source (approx. 150-200 words) Part 3: Tell how you will use the source in your essay Format the entire Annotated Bibliography with the following: alphabetical order double-spaced hanging indent for citation Using your outline, write your essay. ***Tips***: 1) Remember to use the PEAEAR structure in your body paragraphs. 2) Each time you use a direct quote, provide context. If you are quoting from the movie, provide context about what is happening in the scene. If you are quoting from an outside source, provide some guiding information. 3) When referring to the title of the film, it should always be italicized. For example: The Pursuit of Happyness and Ford vs. Ferrari. 4) Each body paragraph should have at least 2 direct quotes with in-text citations. 5) Include a Works Cited page. 6) Review the student sample I posted. It's a great example of how to integrate outside research and fulfill the assignment.

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