*** Ch 7 reading and rubrics are in attachment*** Part 1 Begin your assignment b
*** Ch 7 reading and rubrics are in attachment*** Part 1 Begin your assignment by learning as much as you can about Habitat for Humanity® (2018). Then learn as much as you can about Target® stores and the types of community outreach projects they support. Visit https://corporate.target.com/corporate-responsibility (Target Brands, Inc. 2018). Gather data on past homes created by Habitat for Humanity, and analyze the purpose of Habitat for Humanity with respect to Target’s corporate responsibility mission (Target Brands, Inc. 2018). Checklist Prepare yourself for a sales call to Target by creating a brief recording of your planned call to Target stores to speak with the person in charge of community outreach. -Due to file size, please limit your introduction call to 2–2 1/2 minutes in length. Create a single Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation slide. Record your greeting by adding audio to your slide. In your greeting, introduce yourself and the purpose of your call. Anticipate one of the following objections and how you would handle the (one) Customer Objections (select one): 1) Just mail us the information, or 2) We are not interested. Good luck, making a successful call! Please Note: Be sure you introduce yourself. State the purpose of your call. Ask for the responsible person. Anticipate one of the objections listed above and record how you would handle the objection. Access "Create A Voice Recording" for instructions on recording your greeting. Reference Habitat for Humanity® (2018) [Website] Retrieved from http://www.habitat.org. Target® Brands, Inc. (2018, May). Corporate responsibility. https://corporate.target.com/corporate-responsibility Part 2 The following Course Outcome is assessed in this part of the assignment: MT453-2: Evaluate the process of opening and closing sales by reviewing real life case studies. Checklist: Create an 8–10-slide PowerPoint presentation with your plan for approaching Target stores to gain their support for your Habitat for Humanity project. Create a slide with a brief background on Habitat for Humanity. Create a slide providing an overview of the community outreach efforts of Target stores. List the objectives for your group; what are your goals for the sales call? Be sure to include a minimum goal and an optimistic goal. Define why Target stores should support Habitat for Humanity. Describe what your chapter of Habitat for Humanity does that align with the types of organizations Target stores support. Sell Target stores on why supporting Habitat for Humanity is a win-win. Using two (2) slides: Evaluate what you experienced opening and closing the sales call. Create a final slide to close the sales call. Be sure to include a title slide and a reference slide. Have fun!

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