Case Study #1 (Week 3): Financial Crime and Financial Intelligence (10%) Researc
Case Study #1 (Week 3): Financial Crime and Financial Intelligence (10%) Research a case involving money laundering or terrorist financing through the FSU library. Based on the information learned in Weeks 1 - 3 complete the following elements: analyze the criminal financial case identify the type of crime, identify the category of the crime, discuss the foundational theory that explains the crime, explain the crime indicators, define financial intelligence, discuss the role that financial intelligence played in the investigation. The paper must: include a detailed analysis and discussion of the information learned to support the assignment requirements. exhibit critical thinking and analysis reflect graduate-level quality work and graduate-level writing skills be 3 - 5 pages not counting the title and resource pages. cite at least one (1) scholarly or professional reference for each written page of the assignment (.i.e. 10 pages = 10 references), one of which can be the textbook. The other references must be current articles (written within the last 7 years) located through the Florida State University Library or vetted through the internet. Review the grading rubric to understand the required elements of the assignment and how the assignment will be graded. ***Originality of work The work in this class must be your own and original to this specific course. Unless prior approval has been given by the instructor, work prepared by you for other courses, especially this course taken previously, is expressly prohibited and can result in a grade of zero "0" for the assignment and/or course failure. Use of material obtained from other students is strictly prohibited.

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