Case Study 1: Janice Janice is a 54-year old woman who has been referred to outp
Case Study 1: Janice Janice is a 54-year old woman who has been referred to outpatient services after relapsing. She had previously been abstinent from crack cocaine and alcohol for 20 years; however, after the death of her mother and partner, she began to drink again. Initially, she was able to manage her alcohol use but it quickly escalated from “a drink or two” after work to a bottle of vodka every two days and a drink in the morning to “calm her nerves” before work. She has not returned to the use of crack but is still drinking daily and there is alcohol on her breath during this initial visit. She is no longer able to visit her grandson because of her alcohol use and is in danger of losing her home because of missed mortgage payments. She states that she is incredibly depressed and grief stricken over the loss of her mother and partner and was mandated to OP by her employer. Further, she recently suffered a broken wrist during aa alcohol related blackout (period of amnesia), which she never sought medical treatment for and awoke one morning to see that her car had been damaged but has no memory of getting in an accident. She now smokes about a half of a pack of cigarettes a day, which she started using again after 10 years of tobacco abstinence. Please be sure to read the module 3 lecture on case management before addressing these questions. In your primary post, address each of the following: I've attached Module 3 lecture below. What are the primary needs of this patient? You can also note any secondary needs (needs that can be delayed) too. What are the most urgent services you would recommended and coordinate for this patient? What further questions would you have to ensure that his/her needs are being met? Do you anticipate the patient may have barriers that prevent follow-through or may resist obtaining recommended services? if so how might you plan for that outcome? What challenges and obstacles might you anticipate if you have both roles of case manager and primary addiction counselor for this patient?

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