Capstone project research proposal I am doing a capstone project prevalence of w
Capstone project research proposal I am doing a capstone project prevalence of work-related lower back pain and its associated factors in Kuwait. I need a research proposal to present to the faculty members. - I will try to explain in detail what I need to be done and upload all relevant files that could help. Research Proposal: - Need an abstract (Introduction/background info / why this research is important / focus on the worker side? / how common is the work-related lower back pain and its risk factors in kuwait) - Methodology: I am planning to do a questionnaire to collect data and then compare between how many people reach the polyclinic asking for help/pain killers regarding the back pain in a cross-sectional study. (Need fully developed methodology) - Questionnaire: need a questionnaire that is validated and relevant or related to exposures and outcomes. Inclusion and exclusion criteria (clearly written and stated). Should be able to measure relevant data with it. -Sample size: need to determine a sample size using cross-sectional study formula (to figure out number of participants needed) - continue the rest of the research proposal and if you have better ideas and/or questions please ask me. - Use as many sources as you need Attachments: -File named: (Capstone project form) includes title/study population/outcomes and exposures -File named: (Prevalence and Risk Factors of Work-Related Lower Back Pain among Radiographers in the State of Kuwait) may help? -File named: (Occupational risk factors for symptomatic lumbar disc herniation; a case-control study) -File named: (syllabus) I added the syllabus I am open to ideas or suggestions that could help.

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