Assignment Objectives: Employ principles of an inquiry relevant to your problem
Assignment Objectives: Employ principles of an inquiry relevant to your problem statement. Perform an efficient and effective literature search resulting in a specified number of relevant articles. Demonstrate professionalism and accountability through timely completion and submission of the assignment. Review the demos on conducting an Efficient Literature Search and the EBSCO Tutorial, and then perform a literature search using the Bellevue University Library. HINT: When conducting a literature search, make sure you click on the first 2 boxes in the top left of the search page under Refine Your Search. Items with full text online. Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review. Use the problem statement you developed in Week 1 as your guide. You may find that you will need to make some adjustments or revisions to your problem statement based on feedback from your instructor and what you discover during your literature search. A screenshot of the first page of your search results. Here is a link if you need help with a Screenshot: Part 2– Problem Statement Re-state your problem statement. If you revised your problem statement from Week 1, identify the original problem statement, followed by the revised version. Part 3 – Literature Matrix Identify a minimum of 5 relevant research articles and provide the required information for each using the BHMC 346 Literature Review Matrix Template. Include: APA reference for the article. Purpose statement – what was the purpose of the study? Sample – who were the subjects in the study? Research Design/Methodology – Identify the type of research design used in the study (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods) Provide a brief justification (single paragraph) for including the research article in support of your problem statement. You should group “like articles” together. For example, if you have two articles about the same topic, put those together or label them somehow as being related. APA formatting for this assignment is not required except where noted. No additional resources are required.

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