Application of Theoretical Concepts to Research Begin the first paragraph of you
Application of Theoretical Concepts to Research Begin the first paragraph of your research paper with a half-inch indent. Each paragraph or section needs at least three sentences. Here introduce the paper as a whole (theory you can use in your practice area- swansons theory of caring related to Nurse practitioner in Dermatology). Do not put an extra space between sections. Background Theorist’s Background - Swansons Theory of Caring Here introduce the theorist. Talk about the background of the theorist. The theorist’s place of birth or education is rarely important. What was the theorist experiencing personally or professionally that motivated their research? Phenomenon of Concern Here describe the phenomenon of concern. A phenomenon is the term that describes an idea or response to an event or situation. In Neuman’ Systems Model, the phenomena focus on stressors perceived by the patient. Theory Description - Swansons Theory of caring Here describe the theory in general. You will want to have three or more sentences here. Try to find the theorist’s original article or study as your source. Is it a grand theory or a middle-range theory? What places the theory in that category? Concepts Describe the concepts that the theorist uses. How does the theorist define each concept? Relationships How are each of the concepts related to one another. In some cases, there is a two-way relationship. In other cases, there may be a one-way continuum of relationships. Evaluation Weaknesses What weaknesses do you see in the theory? Does the theory leave unexamined concepts or gaps? If you cannot find anything in the literature, you may have to evaluate the theory yourself to complete this section. Metaparadigms Does the theory clearly describe the four metaparadigms? If the theory does not describe the metaparadigms, describe how the theory addresses patient, environment, nursing, and health. The theory may not address all four of the metaparadigms. Application Studies That Used the Theory This section includes other studies or authors that used the theory as the basis for their research. Describe how the author operationalized the concepts of the theory to match the things they wanted to research. Describe two studies. Area of Practice Describe how you can use this theory in your area of practice. What phenomenon would you research? How would you operationalize the concepts of the theory to your study? Conclusion Write 3 to 4 sentences.

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