After my initial post (Human Rights: “Ladies First”), you are required to respon
After my initial post (Human Rights: "Ladies First"), you are required to respond to one of your classmates' postings. Your responses should include what you agree with or disagree with and why. Your responses may also include an elaboration upon what a classmate wrote. Your response posts (each around 250 words). I've attached my essay/initial post to reference. Student Discussion Post to Reply to: Based on the documentary, Ladies First: Saudi Arabia's Female Candidates, highlights the international struggle for woman rights faced globally to a higher extreme. Saudi Arabia can be considered the root of oppression and conservatism that operas new reform. The documentary takes a look at the classes of women separated by economics and social factors. They all have the same dream of liberty, however, execute their technique in a different ways. Overall, all the women are not elected as candidates and the political government finds a loophole in rigging the election to be male dominant keeping the women still lower than men. The best way in increasing social and political reform is in numbers. More than 90% of women do not vote. Although most women are more educated in studies than men it is the lack of numbers they have in support. Women do not have a good support system and are isolated to limited interaction. If many women have the same idea socially it may influence other women to be comfortable with their thoughts and validate their existence. In the documentary, one candidate, Neeme still acts conservatively it the final thoughts of her own and is validated by her husband and children. This contradicts her running as the same oppression men have. If there was more support in numbers and support it will male women feel more valid. Although social and political reform is necessary for Saudi Arabia, danger in conservatism is still on the surface. Many of these problems are influenced by religion and the teachings of the Quran, the blueprint of everyday living. In the teachings of the separation of man and women, the Quran is a tool used to justify the inhuman presence of women through the validation of religious power. This compares man to God and women as a vessel of service. The change of women's rights needs to be broken by radical change, social equality, and religious bounds that will bring a new age of movement.

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