After my initial post (Human Rights: “Ladies First”), you are required to respon
After my initial post (Human Rights: "Ladies First"), you are required to respond to one of your classmates' postings. Your responses should include what you agree with or disagree with and why. Your responses may also include an elaboration upon what a classmate wrote. Your response posts (each around 250 words). I've attached my essay/initial post to reference. Student Discussion Post to Reply to: Women in Saudi Arabia experience discrimination regarding their marriage, families, and divorces. Saudi Arabia’s government continues to attack and put a stop to women's rights activists. It is very hard to influence the Saudi regime to increase the rights of women because they are constantly having to answer and obey the men. Although some Saudi Arabia men are okay with women having some type of rights I feel as though they will never fully let these women have rights of their own. The men have the power in Saudi Arabia. Things are different in Saudi Arabia there is no constitution, and the rulers make the decisions they choose what they want to do. In Saudi Arabia their punishment system is brutal, they behead anyone who causes trouble and probably more. The documentary “The Ladies First” starts off with a lady running for the city council. She is a career-driven woman who is divorced she has a son that drives her and who also supports her. In 2011 King Abdullah granted women the right to play a part in Saudi politics. Women do not have the right to drive and must have a male guardian that approves traveling and opening a bank account of their own. In the documentary, it talks about three different women, one who is a career-driven divorced woman, the second one who comes from a very traditional family, and lastly the third one who is a western educated activist who is fresh out of jail. These three women live in a country where everything revolves around men. The women in Saudi Arabia are running because they want to be able to have an opinion and make decisions not only for themselves but for all the women in Saudi Arabia. December 12th will always be a memorable day for the women in Saudi Arabia because it gave the women the right to feel as though they had the right to voice their opinion through the polling system. Culture, Religion, and Human Rights all come hand to hand, they affect and influence each other. Religion is part of Human Rights history. Religion gives meaning and a purpose to life it helps to create an ethical framework.

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