After my initial post (COVID-19 in Brazil), you are required to respond to one o
After my initial post (COVID-19 in Brazil), you are required to respond to one of your classmates' postings. Your responses should include what you agree with or disagree with and why. Your responses may also include an elaboration upon what a classmate wrote. Your response posts (each around 250 words). I've attached my essay/initial post to reference. Student Discussion Post to Reply to: The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in Bolsonaro, Brazil has everyone and everything on a standstill, all around the world. The virus is new to many of the large and small countries across the globe. Research on Brazil brings together answers to three questions: Number one: What specific political and public health challenges do developing countries like Brazil face in such a pandemic? Like so other countries Brazil suffers from a lack of leadership, no one taking the lead to invest into research, masks, vaccines and tests. The people/citizens of Brazil are not being buried properly. They are placed in mass graves or boxes and placed on top of each other. The hospitals and streets are full of hungry and sick people, with no job, no money and no place to live. The governors are all walking around in denial, trying to keep their seats in the political arena. Fifty plus states have governors that refuse to take care of their citizens, were wearing no mask, doing the pandemic. On the video they said that the leaders were acting like the former president of the Unity States, Trump wearing no mask, not taking the vaccines, neither getting the vaccines for the citizens of the U.S. The second question: How are these challenges different from economically advanced countries? At one point we had a president that had the means to get vaccines for all the citizens. We have masks, health care that are continuously researching the virus and other diseases. We have the government funding research, and we have many, wealth doner giving for research. Many people refuse to take the vaccines, they fear the vaccines will make them sick or kill them. But they do have them in economically prospering countries, where the third world countries or the south-central countries or developing countries do not have vaccines, masks nor testing supplies. So sad that their government states could ever thing about withholding life from her people. The world should know that we all need to share the health care data. The death of a large population of any states could put everything at a standstill. Put everything to a dead stop. They should remember the health care is the health care. Politics are politics, we all need to work together and listen to each other as we fill our positions our professional skills. Every country should have health research or health editors to watch the diseases and viruses effecting their state or the world. They should know if it is on the planet earth it will affect use all, in some way or function. The disease CDC research departments that study virus, germs, disease and things we never heard of, they share their information with our governments, and they decide if we the public need to know. Lets' hope they keep sharing with us what we need to do to protect ourselves. The developing countries, the third world countries and the south-central countries should do the same for their people.

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