A final written assignment (10-12 pages including title page and bibliography).
A final written assignment (10-12 pages including title page and bibliography). Discuss your work with an individual, group or family, particularly how your work demonstrates thoughtful cross-cultural practice, illustrating a culturally relevant, and clinically sound, interpretation and application of practice concepts and skills in your assessment and interventions. Specifically, start with a condensed description of the presenting problem and key points in the client's history, and the scope and focus of your work. This section should be approximately 2 pages of the paper, not more. Then, discuss how the work has progressed, through the lenses of culture, power, and understanding/connection, which will be the remainder and primary focus of the paper. This discussion should include which of these factors you have considered most salient in 1.) your assessment of the client, and 2.) in the therapeutic relationship (even if not addressed directly/openly), such as class, ethnicity/nationality, race, gender, education level, etc. This should first include how these factors play a role in the client's issues/problem (the impact of larger social issues on the client), and then additionally what roles they play in the working alliance and therapeutic dyad (or triad, etc). The section about the working alliance should include the relevant aspects of culture, values/beliefs, and social location of both client AND therapist, and how these aspects of each person come together and operate covertly and/ or overtly in the work, including issues of transference and countertransference. You must clearly and explicitly state your own social location factors, and the client’s. Due date to be announced. You must cite at least 6 readings from the Reading List, Weeks 11-15, and 3 Silberman School of Social Work updated February 2017 one outside reading (a peer reviewed publication, aside from the DSM), totaling at least 7 sources.

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