a. Description of the Agency • Briefly describe the organization in which the pr
a. Description of the Agency • Briefly describe the organization in which the project took place, including its primary mission. Discuss programs and services provided by the organization, specific groups targeted, and where the project fit into the overall organizational structure and services of the organization. b. Description of the Public Health Problem/Literature Review • Provide a concise review of the public health problem your project addresses. Present data on incidence and prevalence of the condition as well as risk factors. Describe current intervention and/or policy approaches used to address the problem. The literature cited (at least five references) should be from reputable and appropriate sources. c. Project Aims/Objectives • Summarize the purpose/aims of the needs assessment. d. Methods • Discuss your project methods/activities and how they were conducted. Describe your role in the project. What data collection methods were used? How were data collected? Who was the target population and how were they recruited? How much emphasis was placed on primary versus secondary data sources? e. Results • Present and discuss your key findings. Identify any barriers encountered and solutions implemented. f. Application of Results and Discussion • Address the implications of the findings for the development of a public health intervention. For what purpose will the results of your project be used and for whom? Discuss potential next steps. g. References and Bibliography • Use a standard manuscript style, such as the APA (American Psychological Association) or AMA (American Medical Association) guidelines.

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