900-1000-word literary argument the short story’s are in the files uploaded, you
900-1000-word literary argument the short story’s are in the files uploaded, you can choose any option. Regarding what position(s) a primary source--specifically a short story--takes on a social issue. According to "Using Primary Sources," published by the Library of Congress, primary sources are "the raw materials of history--original documents and objects which were created at the time under study." See the Project One Topic Bank below for suggestions and possibilities. The essay should also address how an author's use of a formal literary element helps readers explore this social issue. Although the essay should describe and analyze the literary text's position(s) on a social issue, the essay should primarily argue for what position that text takes on a social issue. For example, in your view, how does the use of character, setting, plot, and/or point of view in Richard Wright's "Big Black Good Man" reveal a position (or varying positions) on racism? Does the text ultimately condone or criticize racism? Alternatively, does the text present opposing views? This essay should include all the elements of a literary argument, as they are described above. Additionally, the essay's background section should include a definition of at least one formal literary element (this definition can come from our textbook). This formal element does not need to be the one you wrote about for part one of this project, though it may be if you so desire. Other sections of the essay must include quotes from the text. Use MA style for the format of the paper (and all other formal writing in this class) as well as for the required in-text citations and the Works Cited Page. Specifically, use 12-point Times New Roman font, double-space the text, and use one-inch margins. Add an in-text citation after each instance in which you have quoted or paraphrased a source, and create a Works Cited Page entry for each source that has been quoted in the paper. Audience: Your audience for Project One is a group of college students that possesses some familiarity with your social issue and primary source but that that has not previously conducted research on the topic

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