7 page essay about the job human resources. PART 1 Did someone inspire you to f
7 page essay about the job human resources. PART 1 Did someone inspire you to follow this career path? What interests you in this career path? Think about the values you hold and how those values tie into your career choice. Did your values influence your career choice? If so, how? Be specific. If your values and career choice don’t match, then why did you choose this career? Why do you think you can work in this career and be happy? Include the results of the Career Exploration Assignment (the results of the inventories you took in Career Cruising) and an explanation of how these results match what you think you would like to do. If your career cruising results vary wildly between assessments, address why you think this is happening. Make sure this section is well-written and cohesive. In other words, don’t just go through and answer the questions above and string them together in a paragraph. Write a unified response to the question of why you have chosen this career. PART 2 Write a 1-2 page description of your chosen career and its educational requirements. This should include: the career’s title job description (what you will do and where) required education expected salary job growth rates and unemployment rates for this career personality characteristics helpful for this career PART 3 What will you spend your time doing all day? Will you be in an office or outside? What will your work environment look like? Will you be expected to travel? Will you be expected to take on extra duties or work overtime? Will you work with a team or work independently? Most of this information will be obtained through your personal interview (see personal interview guidelines). Many people who prepared for a particular career later find they did not like the job after all. This is your chance to gain an understanding of what will be required of you daily so that you can see if this is the best fit for your time. Remember, on most days of the week, your engagement in work tasks will take up most of your time. Is this really how you want to spend it? PART4 What are some current issues or changes in this field? What are the concerns of people in your career today? Does your career have a good occupational outlook? PART 5 Are specific personality types, intelligences, styles, or skills required for this career? Are you and your career a match? Using the results of the Myers Briggs (Personality), the Learning Preferences, and the Multiple Intelligence assessments and the skills, interest inventories you did on Career Cruising, and ACES inventory, outline why you think this career is a match for your personality, learning preference, multiple intelligences, interests, and skills? Make sure you refer to your assessment results in your discussion. PART 6 Will you be continuing along this planned course or will you now have to make a different plan? What do you need to do to get from NCTC to this career? Outline the steps you will take next, including specifics on transfer institutions and possible employers. What colleges offer the required major? Who are the big employers in this field? Will you have to move? What are the major obstacles you anticipate and how will you overcome them? What are some resources you can use to assist you in overcoming those obstacles? Mention some professional associations you could join while still a student. Another part of this section should include your assessment of skills introduced in this class and how they will help you better achieve your goal. You must name three skills we have covered this far in class and discuss how you will use them to achieve your goal. For example, it could be a specific time management approach that will allow you to better focus on classes and work so that you can complete your degree. PART 7 REFERNCE PAGE For every resource you use, provide a citation in APA format. (Author. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date.) Each source should be cited in the body of your paper also. You will need at least five resources. Many of these will be online databases, but at the very least one should be a book (You have your textbook, right?). Another should consist of a professional journal in your field and one source may be your interview with an individual currently employed in your area. Do not use Wikipedia! Your paper will be returned without a grade if you do not include a reference page as it will be highly suspect of plagiarism. Remember you are using the APA Style and not MLA or Chicago.

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