1.Looking across all perspectives of personality, discuss (in your own opinion)
1.Looking across all perspectives of personality, discuss (in your own opinion) whether or not differences between males and females in personality and behavior exist, and if so, what do believe these differences most likely result from? 2.Using Maslow’s definition of a peak experience, select an experience from your own life that most closely corresponds. Discuss the event itself, and the way in which it does and does not meet Maslow’s description. (Do not disclose any activities that involve illegal actions by you or any identifiable person.) 3. Based on the description below, rate June as either high, average, or low on each of the Big Five dimensions of personality, and then justify your ratings. June is six years old, and her parents are worried about her. She spends a lot of time in her room and doesn’t seem to enjoy being with other children. In addition, she seems to spend a lot of time worrying about things that most children don’t think of, such as what might happen if there were a nuclear war, whether her house might burn down, or if someone might kidnap her. Her mother reports that she is a very “good” child who keeps her room clean and always remembers to feed her puppy. Both of her parents also agree that she is eager to please others, and her father notes that the tendency of the neighbor children to argue and fight might be contributing to her reluctance to play with them. June hates arguing. This little girl loves to paint and draw, and her parents believe her to be quite talented. She also has a vocabulary that is larger than that of most children her age, and a very active imagination. As long as she is not forced to interact with other children, she seems reasonably happy. 2.

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