1) Give a BRIEF summary of your topic. What are the major relevant details about
1) Give a BRIEF summary of your topic. What are the major relevant details about the subject? This should be NO MORE THAN 750 WORDS. That’s why you need to narrow your topic before you sit down to write your paper. 2) Are there any relevant international agreements about your topic? Has the United Nations or other IGO’s dealt with your topic? What NGO's are active in this area and what are their goals? 3) Who are the (most) relevant countries? What are their interests or goals as regards your topic? Go beyond just restating what you said in Question 1. 4) Analyze your topic from a realist and liberal perspective. How would each approach explain the way countries and individuals have behaved in your topic? 5) What is the future of your topic? You can structure your paper any way you see fit, so long as you address the above questions. I would suggest breaking your paper down into an introduction in which you lay out what will be in the rest of the paper, five separate sections (each dealing with a question) and a conclusion, to match the attached rubric. Make sure to read the rubric at the end of the paper assignment for guidance on what each section should contain. Please note that you should not just write a five paragraph essay with each of the above questions being a paragraph. Generally each question should take you several/numerous paragraphs to answer. **The word count does not include the works cited page** You should be using academic sources for this paper. You should be using scholarly sources, possibly including global newspapers, scholarly books and journal articles and government websites. If you are going to use web-based sources, make sure (as always) to consider who the source of the website is. Are they credible? Do they have expertise? What’s their angle or bias? MAKE SURE TO USE IN-TEXT CITATIONS in your paper. I don’t particularly care what format they are (MLA vs APA vs Chicago) just so long as (a) you stay consistent in the paper and (b) I can figure out how to find each source myself if I so choose. PLEASE PLEASE use and cite at least 8 scholarly sources and the rest of the sources don't have to be scholarly. A minimum of 10 sources. 8 scholarly and 2 other relatable sources. Paper Rubric: Introduction: Good introduction that lays out for the reader the structure of the rest of the paper. Plus includes a framing argument. Questions 1-5: Answers question accurately. Hits relevant points. with additions of something distinctive Conclusion: Good conclusion that sums up all the information. plus includes an analysis of what the student learned from the assignment.

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